Sponsorship: Vosschemie Benelux

You may have a fast, smart and powerful robot. But none of this makes sense if your robot doesn’t have good grip on the arena. For this purpose many sumo robot builders cast custom rubber wheels or buy special wheels from the internet.

We wanted to make our own custom wheels and for this we teamed up with Vosschemie Benelux.

Vosschemie was already a sponsor for our previous robot, the wheels of the previous robot didn’t had any slip and they were even able to stall the motor.
Because they offered so much grip we adhere to the silicone of Vosschemie Benelux.

The wheel making process for the wheels from the previous robot.

Today I went to Vosschemie Benelux in Lier to pick up the new sponsorship. We even got some green pigment to color the wheels.

Thank you very much Vosschemie Benelux for willing to be our sponsor again!!

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