The birth of a wheel

As we mentioned before one of the most important parts of the robot are the wheels. The wheels are needed to transfer the motor power into pushing power. Without good wheels the wheels will slip and the motor power will be useless.For this reason we will make our own custom wheels with silicone rubber from VOSSCHEMIE.

It all starts by designing the wheel in 3D, for this we use FreeCAD.

The wheel consists of 3 separate parts over-molded with silicone.

To cast the wheel we need to have a mold for this we also use FreeCAD.

The 3 designed parts needed for the mold.

Next step is to 3D print everything.

Now we can finally start casting the wheels. For this we use 2 part silicone: SICOVOSS from our sponsor VOSSCHEMIE. Part A and B need to be mixed in a 1:1 ratio by weight. First we calculated the needed volume to fill the mold and calculated the desired mass we needed to fill the mold.

And then the mess could begin!

And here is the result after waiting a long time, the de-molding time would be between 6-7 hours but for this cast the time needed before be-molding took much longer. Probably because of the pigment used.

Final result !!

Thanks again VOSSCHEMIE for being our sponsor for the second time in a row!!!

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