The Competition

As everyone is waiting for the answer of how we did in the competition. We’ll get to point: WE WON!! At least one of the three first matches ;-). Which meant we couldn’t compete in the next round.

This isn’t because the competition was too good, it’s just that Fanny wasn’t what it could and should be. We have all the hardware to make a “killer” robot but we didn’t had the time to get everything working as it should.
Before this competition we have participated in the same competition already two times and ended in the top 3 each time. We started this when we were students and had a lot of time. But everyone graduated and got a job and we just underestimated how much time we had left after work.

We lost lots of time by trying and learning new things:
1. We tried to 3D print our own gearboxes (will be continued for sure)
2. Programming a new processor we had no prior experience with
3. Working with a new kind of motor drive
4. Adding our own sensors to the motors for closed loop control (which costed the most of our time)
5. Working with new sensors

Instead of adding features and improving the robot we were stuck in a loop of fixing things and troubleshooting. We did learn a lot from this project. And you can definitely expect a comeback from us!

And a big thank you to all our sponsors and partners who supported us through this!!
See you in two years!!

Wheels 2.0

The previous wheels had the problem that the wheel hub was able to slip inside the silicone cast. If this would happen while the robot is pushing this means we won’t be able to utilize the full pushing force of the robot. With this in mind we designed new wheels in FreeCAD. Fortunately we had some silicone left over that we got from VOSSCHEMIE.