Wheels 2.0

The previous wheels had the problem that the wheel hub was able to slip inside the silicone cast. If this would happen while the robot is pushing this means we won’t be able to utilize the full pushing force of the robot. With this in mind we designed new wheels in FreeCAD. Fortunately we had some silicone left over that we got from VOSSCHEMIE.

Innofill3D: Sponsorship

For our robot we’ll need to print a lot of prototypes to get things right the way we want for this we teamed up with Innofil3d and they and they send us 3 rolls of their ASA Natural filament. So now we’ll have enough filament to to prototype as much as we want and be able to print as much as possible of our 3d printed frame.

Be sure to check out their products: https://www.innofil3d.com/