Shapeoko: threaded waste board

The start of a successful CNC machined part is reliable work-piece holding.
For this we made a threaded insert waste board so we don’t have to mess with double sided tape before we can machine something.

Installing all the threaded inserts
Installing the waste board with double sided tape
Doing a test run!

Shapeoko: ENDMILL adapter

When the Shapeoko 3 arrived we still had to order a makita or dewalt router to use with it. We went with the makita but then not all the provided endmills fit into the machine so we had to make an adapter.

Afther doing some research on forums we found out about the ER11 collet which can be used as an universal “adapter”.

You can find all the necessary parts to do this at the instructable:

Shapeoko: Sponsorship

Shapeoko is by far our biggest sponsor. What they provided is unreal. They send us a Shapeoko 3 XL, this is a makers dream coming true. It is a “Desktop” CNC router which can cut wood, plastic and even some metals. This machine and sponsorship are incredible.

For more information about machine, please check their site: