STMicroelectronics: Sponsorship

For previous robots we relied on Arduino for the controlling unit. But this time we wanted to go to the next level and use a really advanced and capable microcontroller. Fast robots require fast brains, so we need a fast microcontroller. Last year I was a volunteer at The Things Conference from The Things Network. At the conference I was lucky enough to meet Benjamin Guilloud one of the Technical Marketing Engineers from STMicroelectronics.

STMicroelectronics is the only European microcontroller manufacturer and they have a big range of products, from microcontrollers to sensors.

I contacted Benjamin and asked if ST would like to support us by giving a development board and maybe a few of their Time Of Flight sensors. And yes they did, they send us a few development boards, a few Time Of Flight sensors and even some of their high-end microcontrollers.
This sponsorship will not only give our robot the brains we need but also the eyes to find our opponents.

Thank you very much Benjamin and STMicroelectronics, your support is truly appreciated.